Added conspicuous international design prizes:


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Conference PrizeSchool PrizeWeb PrizeBranding Prize
Stars PrizeDezain Sho PrizePro PrizeAdvertising Prize
Motor Vehicle PrizeDAD PrizeLegacy PrizeLegends Prize
German Engineering PrizeItalian PrizeNautical PrizeStar Prize
Designawar Prize3D Animations PrizeBlue Graphics PrizeBusiness Prize
Product PrizeClassic Furniture PrizeGray PrizeGreen Goods Prize
Homeware PrizeHotels PrizeIdea and Concept PrizePackaging Prize
Sustainable PrizeTypography PrizeManufacturers PrizeItalian Prize
Street Furniture PrizeAward PrizeAdvertisement PrizeChoice of Security Prize
Art Portfolio PrizeDictionary PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeGraphic Advertisements Prize
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